17:00 – Late registration and starting numbers pick-up
18:10 – Start Puppies Run Girls 500m (4-5 years) call 5 minutes in advance

following Kids groups start every 5 or 10 minutes.

The kids stat per age category and use the official start and finsh location.

Puppies 4-5 years run 500 meter
Kids 6-8 years run500 meter.
Kids 9-13 years run1000 meter

Starter and Referee are officials of the "Atletiekunie" They will be assited by youth from Fortius Dordrecht

times are digitally registered by RaceTimer, with a chip in the number.

For 1000 m the parcours is taken twice..

Just after finishing the kids recieve a medal and a snack.

After your run you can pick up an icecream at IJssalon Sophia on showing your start number

19:35 – Youth Awards

19:45 – Close late registration 5 and 10 Km
20:00 – Competition starting area opened
20:15 – Start 5 and 10 km ladies and gentlemen competition and recreationists
21:15 – Awards 5km and 10km: VSen, MSen, V35, V45, V55, V65, M35, M45, M55, M65
21:30 – End of the race, course will be closed.